Explore Fushimi Inari

Taisha in Kyoto

Party in

New Orleans

Swim with whale

sharks in Exmouth

Escape to a tiny cabin in the Pacific North West

Not yet!

Hike the Inca

Trail in Peru

Not yet!

Spend the night in a treehouse in Laos

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Swim in hot

springs in Tuscany

Meet elephants in 

Chiang Mai

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See the lupins bloom at Lake Tekapo

Not yet!

Eat street food

in Hanoi

Take a cooking class

on the Amalfi Coast

Swim in wadis

in Oman

Swim with

manta rays

Not yet!

Watch the Annual Bridge Jumping Competition in Mostar

Stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives

Not yet!

Watch the hot air balloons at sunrise in Cappadocia

Not yet!

Watch the sun

set in Santorini

Eat snails

in Paris

Hike between towns in Cinque Terre

Visit in the rice

fields in Sapa

Not yet!

Swim in fresh water

springs in Florida

Go waterfall hunting

in Cebu

Visit Uluru in the

Northern Territory

Not yet!

See the Great

Wall of China

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Visit the Acropolis 

in Athens

Hike through Hawaii

Not yet!

See the Northern

Lights in Canada

Not yet!

Visit the ancient

city of Petra

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Ride a gondola

in Venice

Eat street food

in Old Delhi

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Cliff jump

in Dubrovnik

Swim under waterfalls

in Queensland

Hike the castle of San Giovanni in Kotor

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Visit the largest

meadow in Europe

See the midnight

sun in Alaska

Not yet!

Hike the Old Man of

Storr in Scotland

Sleep in the desert

in Oman

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Visit La Sagrada Familia

in Barcelona

Wake up in Monument Valley in Utah

See the Taj Mahal

at Sunrise

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Watch sumo

wrestling in Tokyo

Not yet!

Go on safari

in Africa

Not yet!

Float in the Dead

Sea in Jordan

See the Pyramids

of Giza in Egypt

Not yet!

Hike through Yosemite National Park in California

Not yet!

See the sunflower fields in Warwick

Play with reindeers

in Finland

Not yet!

Road trip through Provence in a Motorhome

Visit the black church

in Iceland

Not yet!

Swim in the Blue

Lagoon in Malta

Go stand-up paddle boarding at sunrise in Lagos