Dubrovnik is a bustling and famous seaside hub in Croatia, known for its distinctive red roofed Old Town and massive 16th century stone walls. Although its population barely exceeds 40000, thousands of tourists flock to the town every day – by tour bus, cruise ships and the ever increasing Sail Croatia boats docking in port every day through Summer.




How to get there: 

International buses run at least daily from neighbouring countries such as Montenegro and Bosnia, and direct flights arrive from most capital cities through Europe.

Direct buses run from the airport to the city centre - tickets are bought on the bus and a one-way ticket costs 40 Kuna. A return ticket is 70 Kuna.

There is no timetable, the bus leaves about 20-30 minutes after every flight arrival. From the airport it stops at Pile Gate in front of Old Town Dubrovnik, then continues to Main Bus Station in Gruž Port.

Local buses also travel to/from the airport however take a little longer making stops along the way. Buses 11 and 27 travel between the airport and Dubrovnik, with tickets costing as little as 12 Kuna.


How to get around:

Buses run frequently throughout the town. The fare is 15 Kuna if you buy from the driver or 12 Kuna from kiosks near main bus stops. You can also buy a Daily Ticket for 30,00 Kuna. Be prepared for long ques and crammed buses – peak tourist months during the summer means added pressure onto the public transport system. Schedules can be found here.


Once you enter the walls of the Old Town, the only way to explore is by foot through the streets and lanes.








Where to eat:

Lokanda Peskarija dishes up quality seafood dishes for a reasonable price - located right next to the fish market on the Old Harbour.

Kamenice is a cheap and friendly restaurant offering a selection of local dishes - black squid risotto, anchovies and oysters. Mains start from 40KN (€5).



Where to stay:

Hostels are often hard to come by during the peak summer months, so if possible try to book ahead.

There are plenty of Air BnB’s over town – one visit to Dubrovnik I stayed at Eva’s listing, which a short bus ride from the Old Town and offered a clean and bright room fully equipped including kitchenette for around €50.

Example Daily Budget

€53 per day
- Hostel: €15 per night
- Free Breakfast at Hostel
- Lunch at Kamenice for lunch: €8
- Walk the City Walls: €20
- Dinner at Lokanda: €10


How long to spend here:

There’s plenty of sights and hidden lanes to keep you busy for around two days.

What to see and do:

Dubrovnik Ancient City Walls
An absolute must during your stay in Dubrovnik, these walls were built in the middle ages, have withstood several earthquakes and invasions, and provide the best views of the city. Entrance is 150KN or €20.



Revelin nightclub
One of the best clubs in Dubrovnik - be prepared for a big night.


Banje Beach
The most popular beach, located just a short walk out of the City Walls.





Game of Thrones
If you’re a huge GoT fan, you’ll already know that most of the popular TV show is shot on location here in Dubrovnik. There are plenty of GoT themed walking tours where you can visit the backdrop of iconic scenes.


Mount Srd
You can either hike or take the cable car up 778 meters to enjoy the best views of Dubrovnik.  Round trip is around 150KN or €20.


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