Unlike the turmoil felt in its neighbouring countries, Jordan is an island of tranquility in an area of instability

Hot Springs

The island is also dotted with hot sulfur springs, if you’re not too hot from the insane humidity! Two of the most well-known springs are Mainit Springs in Malabuyoc and Guadalupe Mabugnao near Carcar.


There are two main hikes on the island, which takes you to the very top of the mole-hill type peaks in the middle of the island; Casino Peak & Osmeña Peak. Both require a bit of a drive to get there and some tenacity to reach the top!

Read more on my hiking guide here. 

Swim with Turtles 

Turtles are frequent visitors along Panagsama Beach. Hire a snorkel from one of the many vendors and just head out along the reef to swim with these beautiful creatures.


Swim with Sardines

Moalboal is also home to the second largest school of sardines in the world. You can get up close and swim with them, just head a few metres off the shore to the drop off of the reef!

Last note:

Cebu is tough - the roads are daunting, animals aren’t treated the best, rubbish is everywhere, good food is hard to find, and most sights are filled with visitors pushing to get the best photo… 

I’ve written a guide on What I wish I knew before visiting Cebu, to help manage your expectations if you’re planning a trip!

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