Sunny hills, pastures and meadows embrace Slovenia’s many villages and somehow makes you feel suddenly at home. Kobarid is no different, and located a little over 2 hours drive west of Ljubliana makes for the perfect short stay when visiting this gorgeous country.


There are many hiking trails, waterfalls and history to discover, but sometimes just walking through the countryside and picturesque small towns is the best part. Here, it really is about the journey rather than the destination.

How to get there:

On weekdays, a bus runs direct from Ljubljana to Kobarid and takes around 3 hours. A one way ticket will cost you around €11. For schedules, see here.
When leaving Kobarid to continue elsewhere in Slovenia, you will most likely have to catch the same bus back to Ljubljana and go from there.

How to get around:

The town of Kobarid is very small and easily walkable. But to explore the wider region, having your own car is the easiest and best way to see the country, but of course this isn’t always an option for everyone. Unfortunately there are no local buses within this district meaning you’ll need to walk or hitch a ride with a local. Luckily the views are so gorgeous, walking isn’t so bad.


Check out the map below for the best walking path to explore Drežnica and three nearby waterfalls:



Where to eat:

Kobarid has many small delis and cafes to discover in town, and if you’re after something more filling, Restaurant Lazar dishes up affordable and quality food from pancakes to steaks and fire-roasted lamb. Mains range from €7 to €22.


Where to stay:

There are a number of bed and breakfasts located in Kobarid and neighbouring villages.

Sobe pi Lovrizu, which is located 6km from Kobarid in the small town Drežnica, was the most perfect base to explore the area. Three waterfalls and numerous beautiful hiking paths are right on your doorstep, the charming town church is an absolute picture-perfect postcard, and host Monika goes above and beyond to make you feel at home including putting on a delicious spread each morning for breakfast and offering a ride from Kobarid bus station to the accommodation if you are without your own transport.


Example budget for a day in Kobarid:

€51 per day
– Bus ticket to Kobarid: €11
– BnB: €20 per night
– BnB breakfast: €6
– Sandwich from local deli: €4
– Dinner at Restaurant Lazar: €10

How long to spend here:

In 1 full day you can hike to three waterfalls and through the surrounding areas.

What to see and do:

Slap Kozjak
This slender waterfall falls into a gorgeous turquoise pool inside a huge rocky cavern, giving off huge Lord of the Rings / Game of Thrones vibes. There is also so much beauty on the way to this waterfall; the incredibly blue Soča River, smaller waterfalls and cascades, a moss-covered gorge and timber boardwalks around the edge of a stunning rocky amphitheatre.

For more photos, directions and tips, check out my hiking guide.


Hiking Guide: Slap Kozjak

The trail begins in Kobarid – you can reach Kobarid via bus from Slovenia’s capital Ljublijana with transfers every week day - and the walk takes around 2 hours return.

Slap Krampež & Slap Sopota
This is a terrific hike because you get two waterfalls just a minute walk apart. It’s an easy stroll from Drežnica and the path is clearly marked, well-maintained and at a gentle incline. Both falls can be reached from Drežnica in under 30 minutes. These falls are really dependant on recent rainfall, so if it has been dry recently you might only get a little drip!

For more photos, directions and tips, check out my hiking guide.

Slap Krampež is an easy stroll from Drežnica, through a leafy wooded trail and along a slight rocky riverbed. This is a two-for-one waterfall walk - Slap Krampež is only a few minutes walk from Slap Supota.

Hiking Guide: Slap Krampež
& Slap Sopota

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