Photo Journal: Cinque Terre

Watching Swimmers down in Vernazza - this view is from the hiking trail above.

Swimming at the marina in Manarola...

5 minutes after being stung by a jellyfish

Above left:

Best gelato in Monterosso - Il Golosone

Above right:

Winding through the streets of Corniglia


View down to Vernazza from the hiking trail


Down at the marina, just after a rain-shower in Vernazza

Above Left:

View down the coast to Monterosso from the hiking trail 


Riomaggiore marina - one of the best places to swim in all 5 towns - just keep an out for jellyfish!!

Below Left: 

Winding through vineyards on the hiking trail.

Below Right:

The clear water of the Mediterranean... can you spot the swimmer?

Below Left:

View of Corniglia from just outside town - there's an amazing vineyard here - I sat and watched the farmers picking grapes, waving "Ciao" every time they passed by.   

Below Right:

Riomaggiore on a stormy morning - not many people out and about so plenty of time for photos in the iconic spot on the rocks.

Moonrise at Manarola

The windows of Corniglia. We stayed in the apartment below above the green window... Can you see it?

Umbrellas lined and ready for the tourists, Monterosso

Sunset from the top of the hill in Riomaggiore

The golden glow of the afternoon - still lots of day-trippers about but the crowd is slowly dropping. Time to find some dinner!

I watched the sunset from the viewpoint outside of Vernazza the night after I hiked town to town. This spot is actually on the hiking path but if you explain to the ticket man you just want to go to this point, they're usually pretty good about it. I had seen this view so many times before, that finally when the shrub opened up and I could see back down to the town, that view, the one which I saw years ago and that sparked the thought in my mind that maybe I should go to Italy... I couldn't help but smile and spin and hug myself. I had made it. 

My favourite picture of Riomaggiore



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