Slovenia only has a total of 47km of coastline, but what a 47km it is. And only 20 minute’s drive over the border of Croatia sits the quaint and charming seaside village of Piran.

Gorgeous pastel buildings with vibrant red roofs overlook the turquoise Adriatic, and locals and tourists alike stroll the marina enjoying the heat of the afternoon sun. Piran makes a perfect day trip from neighbouring cities like Trieste or Ljubljana.




















How to get there: 

Buses leave hourly from the main station in Ljubljana taking around 2 hours. Direct buses also run from Trieste just over the Italian border. You can access schedules for both destinations here.

You can also catch a ferry from Venice – see schedules and prices here.


How to get around:

This small seaside village is easily walked – lose yourself in the pastel lanes and stroll along the marina with some gelato in the afternoon sun.


Where to eat:

This town was founded on the olive oil trade and produced high quality salt (at one time, salt was nearly as precious as gold), among other local delicacies. Piran holds quality, local food in high regard, so much so, a McDonald’s was opened in the town, but closed in less than a year.

Restaurants along the marina serve high quality local seafood if you’re wanting to taste the local’s freshest catch of the day.

Gostišče Pirat serves up hearty and delicious meals for an incredibly reasonable price. I was craving a proper steak and they did not disappoint… and for less than €15 I was thrilled. Dessert was also amazing – I decided to be daring and try the "Vanilijec sladoled" which was vanilla ice cream, pumpkin seed oil, almond slices and salt flower.










Where to stay:

While Piran is a perfect day trip from Ljubljana or Trieste, if you’re wanting to extend your stay there are a number of hostels dotted throughout the town. Hostel Pirano has a great reputation or if you’re after a little more privacy Apartments Soncne Terase offers private rooms for a great rate.


An idea of costs:

€60 per day
- Hostel in Ljubljana: €12
- Free Breakfast at Hostel
- Return bus ticket from Ljubljana: €25
- Lunch Special: €15
- Entry to Town Walls & Tower: €3
- Dinner made at hostel: €5


How long to spend here:

1 day here is ideal to soak in the history and relax by the sea, European style.


What to do:

Stroll around the Marina
Take your time, soak up the sun, find a nice bench on the marina and enjoy a good book or gelato and relax by the Slovenian seaside.






Town Walls
Following the lanes up the hill from the main square, you’ll eventually reach the Town walls. The walk is a little steep but it’s definitely worth it! There’s an entry fee of €2 but you’re guaranteed the best view back down over the red-roofed town and out across the turquoise Adriatic.  As you climb up to the higher levels within the wall, just mind your head as the ceiling is very low… I clocked myself a beauty and had to sit up at the top for a while before my head stopped spinning!







Tartini Square and Bell Tower
This square is surrounded by gorgeous pastel buildings and overlooked by the Church of St. George. It’s worth climbing to the top of the bell tower next to the church (€1) to catch another spectacular view over the town.


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