The cities of Florence and Pisa, once fierce rivals, lie less than 100km apart, and the easiest way to get from Florence to Pisa is by train. The train trip takes about an hour one-way and requires no transfers.

Italy’s super-fast AV trains don’t connect the two cities, and there are two variations of journeys between the cities – take a look at the schedules in advance to time your trip to catch the shorter option (60 minutes) rather than the longer (1 hour 20 minutes). Also, the fares are identical.


A one-way ticket between Florence-Pisa will cost $9 in 2nd class or $13 in 1st class. No reservations are required for this journey, so you’ll need to remember to validate your ticket before boarding the train. This also means that there are no assigned seats – so pick any available seats.

Trains leave Florence S.M.N. bound for Pisa Centrale at least twice per hour during the day (usually more often during peak times), and trains are equally frequent making the return trip from Pisa to Florence. If you’re beginning your trip in the afternoon and plan to go back the same day, just be sure to consult that day’s schedule before you leave the station so you know when to get back for the return train you want to take.


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