What to eat while travelling: 21 meals with 25 ingredients

Food always takes a big chunk of your travel budget, but it is possible to plan ahead and save plenty of coin!

Below is a week-long meal plan using only 20 ingredients. We've included breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with easy meals to prepare no matter where you are!


Breakfast: cereal & milk Lunch: frittata with vegetables Dinner (main): roast chicken (roast 2 chickens; use 1 and save the other for leftovers) with brown rice and sautéed veg (cook up a big batch for later in the week)


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with toast Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich Dinner (main): tacos with leftover roast chicken (shred leftover roast chicken and season with Mexican spices; fill taco shells with chicken, pinto beans, lettuce, cheese etc)


Breakfast: cereal & milk Lunch: chicken caesar salad Dinner (main): pasta with red sauce (cook enough for two serves)


Breakfast: boiled eggs and toast Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich Dinner (main): grilled steak (cook all and save half for later), roasted potatoes, broccoli


Breakfast: cereal & milk Lunch: leftover pasta with red sauce Dinner (main): fajitas with leftover steak (Slice leftover steak, fry up 2 capsicum and one onion, season with Mexican spices, wrap in a tortilla and sprinkle with cheese)


Breakfast: toast Lunch: bean, cheese & salad burrito Dinner: grilled salmon (cook double the amount you plan to eat, and save the rest for leftovers) with brown rice, broccoli


Breakfast: cereal and milk Lunch: egg & salad sandwich Dinner: salmon cakes and salad

20 Ingredient Shopping List

(enough for 2-4 people)

  1. 1 box cereal

  2. 2 litre milk

  3. 1 packet tortillas

  4. Tasty cheese

  5. 1 tub salad greens

  6. 1 dozen eggs

  7. Vege of choice (broccoli / brussell sprouts / carrot etc)

  8. 1 can corn

  9. 4 russet potatoes

  10. 2 whole chickens

  11. 2 x rump steak

  12. 2 x piece salmon

  13. 1 bag brown rice

  14. 1 tin black or pinto beans

  15. 1 packet pasta

  16. 2 x tins of whole peeled Italian tomatos

  17. Garlic

  18. Basil

  19. 2 capsicum

  20. 1 onion

  21. Bread

  22. Olive oil

  23. Lemon

  24. Salt

  25. Pepper

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