6 Best Photo Locations in Santorini

Santorini... the epitome of a postcard destination. You can point your camera in almost any direction and shoot beautiful shots, but if you're looking for the best of the best, here's the 6 most photogenic spots on the island - PLUS the best time of day to go.

#1: Oia

What time: Dawn / as early as possible. Head here as soon as the sun rises, before all the cruise-ship crowds arrive and there is harsh sun and long shadows on the white buildings.

Why it’s great: The best picture perfect Santorini shots are in Oia - that’s where you’ll find the classic blue-domed churches, white bells and arches, and pastel pink villas. Start at the main parking lot and bus station, and walk through the town towards the west. Don't forget to wander down small dead-end lanes... that's where all the good bits are!

#2: Fira Stefani Alleyways

What time: Early morning

Why it’s great: While everyone else is enjoying their breakfast, explore the endless magical views of Fira Stefani as you wander through the alleys, paths and stairwells… without the tribes! You’ll want to head out early, but make sure the sun is either still low in the sky to not to cast shadows. Usually before 9am works great.

#3: Amoudi Bay

What time: Midday, soak up the sun!

Why it’s great: This stunning swimming spot is perfect to cool off in the middle of the day. If you walk to the very end of Oia town and when you reach the Byzantine Castle Ruins take the path down to the port. Keep walking past the restaurants and around the base of the cliff, then you’ll reach a little bay (and possibly a handful of other tourists!). Secure a spot of the rocks and dive in to the impossibly clear sea.

#4: Your Balcony

What time: Sunset

Why it’s great: Avoid the crowds, endless selfies and clapping (yes, clapping) and watch the sunset from your balcony. Buy a bottle of wine and some snacks and watch the sun melt behind the horizon.

#5: Skaros Rock

What time: Sunset

Why it’s great: Another great spot to avoid the crowds and still catch an incredible sunset is then large butte called Skaros Rock. The path out to the rock starts from Imegroveli, opposite Hotel Sunny Villas. It can take a while, so give yourself plenty of time before sunset. If you’re feeling brave you can climb up onto the top, or visit the hidden church on the west side of the rock for the best sunset views.

#6: Byzantine Castle Ruins

What time: After sunset

Why it’s great: After the crowds have dispersed from watching the sun set, the lights start to blink on and the sky fades into a stunning colour wheel of pastels. This is the best light for photographing the details of the endless villas clinging to the cliff, and of course the famous windmills.

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