Top 7 Day Trips from Milan

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Some of Italy’s most beautiful sights lay just a few hours away from this major city, and are easily accessed by train. Pack yourself a lunch and get to the station as early as possible to make the most of the day.

1. Lake Como

The most ideal day trip from Milan is Lake Como – this stunning lakeside town right on the border of Italy and Switzerland. George Clooney recently shone the spotlight on this quiet town by purchasing his vacation home right on the lake.

Lake Como is located 1 hour from Milan by train & tickets are priced from €8.

2. Lugano

In just over an hour, you can be in this beautiful town in Switzerland. The town is easily walkable, with a stunning trail to take you along the lake.

Lugano is located 1hr 20min from Milan by train & tickets are priced from €23

3. Verona

Clean and authentic, Verona is a beautifully preserved Italian town with a rich history.

Take the earliest train and make the most of the day, there is quite a bit to explore in this riverside city including Juliet’s balcony – they say this is where Shakespeare was inspired to write Romeo and Juliet!

Verona is located 1hr 15 min from Milan by train & tickets are priced from €10.

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4. Bolonga

Another authentic Italian town, Bolonga still holds onto its historic charm and is a popular university town. Take a train and stroll through the cloisters which line the main streets which were built high enough for horsemen to ride through! Also, if you visit in the summer, the towns on the outskirts of Bolonga are surrounded by blooming sunflower fields.

Bolonga is located 1 hour from Milan by train & tickets are priced from €8.

5. Bergamo

With cobblestone streets, Venetian walls and home to the Duomo di Bergamo, this city is a beautiful mix of Tuscan architecture and Swiss culture. Located in Italy, but only 30km from the border of Switzerland, its well-worth a day trip here.

6. Pisa

This may not be the first choice for a day trip from Milan, but if you're wanting to see the leaning tower, you can zip over to Pisa in under 3 hours, spend the day marvelling at the architecturally unstable masterpiece, then be home for dinner. You'll probably need to change trains in Florence.

Pisa Centrale is located around 3 hours from Milan, & train tickets can cost as little as €9.90.

7. Lake Garda Similar to Lake Como, this lakeside town in northern Italy is all about class and style. The lake is crystal clear and overlooked by the stunning Medieval Scaligero Castle, a must visit when you're here.

The towns below need a little more time to properly explore, so if you can spare an extra day (or three!) the below are some of the best in the region.

Cinque Terre

An absolute gem of the Italian coast, Cinque Terre is not to be missed. The five pastel-painted towns perch on the edge of the sea, accessible by train.

Cinque Terre is located 3hr 30 min from Milan by train or Flixbus & tickets are priced from €8.

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Bolzano is the gateway to the Dolomite region, home to ski fields, mountain hikes and stunning scenery. Take the cable car up to Soprabolzano of the most incredible views of the Dolomites and Bolzano below.

Bolzano is located 3 hours from Milan by train or Flixbus & tickets are priced from €10.

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