Hiking Guide: Harder Klum


Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

Type: Mountain

Entrance fee: No

Altitude:1,322 m

Trip duration:3 hours one way

Sweat O’Meter: 💧💧💧

Before you go

Pack: Lunch, snacks and plenty of water. From April to November the funicular and the restaurant at the peak are open however during the off season, there is nowhere to purchase refreshments or food.

Wear: Layers and non-slip shoes – snow will be present at the peak if hiking in the colder months.

Getting to the starting point

The trail begins at the funicular station which is a 5 minutes walk from Interlaken Ost train station. When exiting the station turn right towards the tree-lined street, walking parallel to the river, then turn right onto Beaurivage-Brücke which will take you over a bridge and to the funicular.

Getting onto the trail

The trail is very well signed (as with most in Switzerland!) Just follow the red and white painted stripes as you go.

Just behind the funicular station is a small marmot and ibex colony in several enclosures. The park was built in 1914 as a resettlement and revival of these native but threatened species back into the wild.

The Ibex appears on many municipal coats of arms in the Interlaken area, and the enclosures are free to view so make sure you stop by and say hello to these friendly creatures.

The Hike

The hike to the peak will take around 3 hours depending on your ability and rest times.

The path is at a reasonable incline for its entirety, mostly through dense forestry but often passing small farm houses and clearings.

There are plenty of quiet, shady spots with incredible views to stop for lunch along the way, including a few small wooden seats and huts.

Reaching the Destination

The final stage of the trail is up a steeper incline up to the lookout and the pagoda-look-alike restaurant.

And you’re there! 1322m above sea level. The suspended lookout from the mountain offers amazing views of the two lakes, towns and surrounding mountains.


The funicular is open from April to November and a one way ticket costs CHF 16.00

Alternatively, you can hike back down via the same path.

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