I Need Wifi NOW

Travelling without a sim card is usually your best bet for saving money and avoiding hefty bills – wifi is everywhere. However, sometimes you’ll just wish you had internet at your fingertips just like at home, and when this happens, here are a few tricks to help you get that sweet sweet internet asap.


Are you near a McDonalds or Starbucks or Costa or any kind of main bus or train station? These places usually always have free wifi with open connections.


Many cafes have their wifi passwords printed on their menu or up near the counter – just pretend you’re deciding what to order and try to sneak a peak. Worst case scenario you’ll have to order a coffee to get the password.


If for some reason you can’t buy anything or ask for the password, time to get your detective hat on and give it a good guess. Here are some common passwords to try, just replace “shop” with the name of the wifi network or shop:





Still Nothing??

Okay, so you’re finally connected to a network, the wifi signal is strong, but nothing will load. WHY? Sometimes this happens when there is a gateway page you need to log in to before using the wifi. So you wait. And wait. And no gateway page pops up. Now what?

First, just open Safari and try to access Google. This could prompt any pop up pages to appear.

If this doesn’t work, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Wifi

  3. It should show a tick next to the network you are connected to, now press the i on the far right side

  4. Under the “IPV4 Address” section, find where it says Router and the numbers/letters beside it.

  5. Press and hold on those numbers/letters and copy.

  6. Sometimes this looks like “” or can be an IP address.

  7. Go to Safari and paste this into the search bar, then press go.

This should prompt the gateway page to appear – now follow the instructions on that page (usually agreeing to terms and conditions or entering your email address for data collection).

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