How To: Stay safe in Jordan

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

There were two main concerns on my mind ahead of my trip to Jordan;

1. Male advances

2. Terrorism attacks

I knew that in Jordanian culture women should be wed, particularly if they wish to travel, and the fact that I was unmarried, travelling to Jordan could be misinterpreted as "seeking company". That, and just general culture differences, from clothing to female independence. But not once did I feel uncomfortable.

In regards to Terrorism attacks, despite being in a tough position geographically, I never felt any concern for my safety. High security presence is seen in all major sites, hotels and public buildings, the police are fair and just, and there seems to be a collective understanding by all locals to build up Jordan’s reputation as a safe and secure destination.

The conclusion? I felt just as safe in Jordan as I do in Italy, Japan, USA…

The usual safety advice applies; keep your passport on you at all times and be cautious when in remote areas, plus a few extra notes for women.


What should I wear in Jordan? Knee-length dresses or pants, covered shoulders and upper arms, no cleavage… generally, tasteful and modest clothing. Jumpsuits were great, or long maxi skirts with a T-Shirt or blouse.

What should I wear to The Dead Sea, beaches or wadis in Jordan? Choose a one-piece and depending on how you feel/the amount of people in the vicinity, you might prefer to also wear shorts and a t-shirt for modesty.

Do I have to wear anything over my head/hair? Covering your head isn’t necessary - this is only required if you are a practicing Muslim.

What do I wear to Petra? T-shirt and shorts are fine in Petra, as majority of people are tourists. You will want to wear clothes that cover your chest and shoulders anyway to protect from the sun.


Be wary of Beduian flirtation: I also heard some stories of girls being woo-ed by local men, inviting them back to their caves inside Petra and promising a night of traditional celebration. In some of the better endings, the girls became trapped into financially-manipulative long distant relationships with these men. Some of the worse endings, they were drugged and raped. Just as you would at home, don't go to isolated places with people you just met.

Stay on the designated walking trails: If you decide to venture further than the Treasury (and trust me, you should!) just make sure you stay on the paths and have a map. Some routes are a little less well-signed than others and the last thing you want is to be lost in the desert.

General Advice

Pay a little more for a better hotel: While I had no issues at all, I did hear horror stories of ‘accidental’ intrusions into rooms and peepholes at super-budget accommodation. Jordan is quite affordable, so pay a little more for peace of mind.

Trust the police: Generally speaking, they are friendly, honest, and happy to help you (if you are doing the right thing!). The government has recently spent a great deal of money on boosting their tourism, so the police are there to help you, not harass you.

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