Perfect Tunes To Sleep Through That Drunk Guy’s Snoring

Mono No Aware – Hammock

Why it’s perfect: Hammock creates atmospheric sound that seems to effortlessly take you to a complete state of relaxation. The constant hymns and sounds which blend together make it great for blocking out low level noise like whispering or people rummaging through their bags.

A Walk – Tyco

Why it’s perfect: It’s a little more upbeat than Hammock, which makes it ideal for long train journeys if you’re wanting to zone out first before dropping off to sleep. This whole album, ‘Dive’, is great for drowning out the outside sound and nodding off.

Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow – Hammock

Why it’s perfect: You know what, anything by Hammock is amazing to zone out to. Their albums Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow and Everything and Nothing are a must have.

Old Friend – Angus and Julia Stone

Why it’s perfect: Angus and Julie Stone make some of the most relaxing and chilled music around. Their effortlessly calm voices and simple folk style tunes make me nostalgic and cosy and completely relaxed. Perfect for long bus or train rides.

Holocene – Bon Iver

Why it’s perfect: Bon Iver’s voice is so damn angelic, this song is an absolute must have on your playlist.

Heartbeats – José González

Why it’s perfect: A more well-known song but still amazing nonetheless. This song is quiet, steady and smooth, perfect to zone out.

My Angel Gabriel – Lamb

Why it’s perfect: This ethereal sounding song is great to start you off when you lay down to take your mind elsewhere.

Rain Downpour with Thunder

Why it’s perfect: Who doesn’t love falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof. Add some sounds of cars driving past through puddles and some rumbling thunder and I’m out like a light. There are plenty of these sound bites on Youtube, but if you’re wanting it offline too check out the Podcast ‘Sleep with Silk: Nature Sounds’. They have a range of different sounds; rain, beach etc so download whatever takes your fancy.

This American Life Podcast

Why it’s perfect: Again, not a tune but instead, a podcast. This American Life is a weekly public radio show which features a theme, and several stories on that theme. It’s compelling journalism and incredibly interesting – I highly recommend giving it a listen when you’re not trying to sleep too – but there’s just something about the steady, smooth voices that just makes me… nod off. It’s perfect for when you need to block out really loud noise.

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