Hiking Guide: Slap Kozjak, Slovenia


This slender waterfall drops into a gorgeous turquoise pool inside a huge rocky cavern, giving off huge Lord of the Rings / Game of Thrones vibes. There is also so much beauty on the way to this waterfall; the incredibly blue Soča River, smaller waterfalls and cascades, a moss-covered gorge and timber boardwalks around the edge of a stunning rocky amphitheatre.

Before you go

Pack: Water.

Wear: Enclosed shoes and usual hiking clothes. The path isn’t strenuous but you may need to rock hop at times.

Getting to the starting point

The trail begins in Kobarid – you can reach Kobarid via bus from Slovenia’s capital Ljublijana with transfers every week day. For schedules, see here.

Getting onto the trail

The bus will drop you in the main square of Kobarid – there are a few cafes, adventure activity companies and the Tourist Information Centre (they’re very helpful if you’re wanting a map or directions!)

The Hike

Head down Trg Svobode, then turn right onto Gregorčičeva ulica  (there’s a directional sign here with a few tourist sights listed).

Follow this road for 850m, passing the Kombarid Museum on your right. Don’t turn off this road, and follow as you start to walk parallel to the river, eventually you will reach the Napoleon Bridge. Continue past.

Eventually, you will reach another bridge, just after the Kamp Lazar Camping Ground. Cross this bridge and continue to walk parallel to the river. The path is well signposted and will start to become less of an open field and more of a wooded trail.

During the walk there is another waterfall under a stone bridge where you cross the Kozjak creek. This is “Little Kozjak”.

The gorge starts to become narrow, and the path will require some rock-hopping and log-balancing to cross the river.

Reaching the Destination

The path takes you up and along timber boardwalks, around the edge of the rocky amphitheatre and finally to the viewing area for the waterfall.


If you’re wanting to head back to Kobarid, follow the same path.

If you’re wanting to continue upwards to Drežnica, if you retrace your steps out of the gorge and along the river, you’ll reach a fork in the road and sign for Drežnica.

Follow this trail up the mountain, and it will take you through nearby town of Magozd and on to Drežnica – there is only one path so it’s pretty hard to get lost! The Drežnica church is also a great signpost.

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