Hiking Guide: Slap Krampež, Slovenia

Updated: Mar 3, 2019


Slap Krampež is an easy stroll from Drežnica, through a leafy wooded trail and along a slight rocky riverbed.

This is a two-for-one waterfall walk - Slap Krampež is only a few minutes walk from Slap Supot.

If you're starting in the larger town of Kobarid, you can also double this hike with Slap Kozjak.

Location: Kobarid, Slovenia

Type: Waterfall

Entrance fee: No

Altitude: NA

Trip duration: 45 min return

Sweat O’Meter: 💧

Before you go

Pack: Water… that's about all!

Wear: Enclosed shoes and usual hiking clothes.

Getting to the starting point

The closest town to Slap Krampež is Drežnica. Drežnica located 6km from the larger town of Kobarid, and elevated 300m in the mountain above. You'll need to either walk or hitch hike a lift up to Drežnica as there are no local buses or taxis.

Kobarid has direct buses daily from the capital Ljubljana.

Take a read of my Kobarid Destination Guide here, which also has tips on a nice walking trail from Kobarid up to Drežnica.

Getting onto the trail

In Drežnica, walk through the town then along the road to Koseč. This small town doesn't have named streets, so just follow the signs to Koseč (there's only one road) or take a look on Google Maps (search Drežnica and you'll see the road that joins the two towns).

After passing the last houses of Drežnica, the road bends sharply to the right. In the crook of that bend, on the left is an unsurfaced, signed trail that leads to the waterfalls.

The Hike

The hike is very easy-going - pretty even trail at a slight incline through the forest. After around 10 minutes, the path reaches a hairpin bend - there is a sign to the waterfalls here.

Reaching the destination

A few minutes later you arrive at Slap Supot - if there hasn't been a great deal of rain or melting snow from the mountains above, the waterfall might be reduced to a trickle.

Just off to the right of the waterfall is a sign to Slap Krampež, just a few minutes away.


Follow the same path back down to Drežnica.

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