Waterfall Hunting in Cebu - Top Four

Updated: May 31, 2019

It’s said that there are over 300 waterfalls on the island of Cebu, and while I didn’t make it to all of them, these are my top four waterfalls to visit when in Cebu!

Montpeller Falls

The first and best waterfall we found was Montpeller - a true hidden gem. Even some of the locals we spoke to hadn’t heard of it. Located a 10 minute walk off the road near Alegría, we had the waterfall completely to ourselves for the entire time, during the middle of the day. And best of all… it was completely free!

Inambakan Falls

Turquoise water and a huge gush of water even in the dry season lands Inambakan Falls in second place. Despite both a parking and entrance fee plus plenty of unambiguous visitors in fluro lifejackets, this is still one of the most picturesque waterfalls on Cebu. Try to arrive as early as possible to enjoy the serenity, as crowds start to appear by 9am.

It costs 15 PHP to park a scooter, and 50 PHP per person entry.

Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan gives you two falls for the price of one, plus a cool Indiana Jones style hanging rope bridge links the entrance to the higher falls. Again, there is both a parking fee (20 PHP), an entrance fee (around 40 PHP per person) and hordes of visitors but if you arrive at 8am, you’ll most likely have this all to yourself for at least an hour.

Aguinid Falls

Hundreds of people flock to Kawasan Falls every day, and even more sign up for the many Kawasan Falls Canyoning Tours. If you’re like me and prefer something more off the beaten path, Aguinid Falls is essentially an inexpensive & smaller scale option.

A local guide (provided for you when you buy your entrance ticket) is required to assist you through the 8 levels of limestone pools a nd waterfalls. Take a dry bag and water shoes (or hire them at the gates)… unless you don’t mind getting your shoes saturated, as you’ll have to wade through water and climb plenty of slippery rocks. During the dry season the water level drops significantly, meaning the first few levels are just creeks, but as you climb higher the water pools get deeper until you can jump in.

Again, parking fees apply (around 20 PHP) and entrance fee (60 PHP per person), plus it is recommended to tip your guide.

For a map of these and more waterfalls on the island, plus other sights to see, read more on my Cebu Destination Guide.

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