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To be completely honest, there will never be a 'one-click-fits-every-picture' preset. Some work better than others, some depend on the location you're shooting, and most will always need tweaking.

I've tested and tried over a hundred professional presets, some which sell for over $100 per pack. Some which are almost unusable.

And I always seemed to come back to my own presets I've made.

Developing these presets has taken me a few years, and I'll be constantly updating, improving and adding more.

And if you subscribe, I'll let you know when there's more to enjoy.

Here are my best, the ones which I come back to time and time again, to bring out the best lighting and colours in my photos.

I want to share them with you for free - just like all my resources on East of Everything - to inspire and ignite your desire to adventure.


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Edited with preset "Milford Sound"

Best for cloudy days, brings out bronzed, copper tones.

Edited with preset "European Pastels"

Is both pale and bright, great for evening out colours without loosing brightness.