Verona is a beautiful and almost flawless city; the streets are clean and wide, locals are friendly and the neighbourhood is filled with historic buildings housing elegant and contemporary boutiques, well-stocked delis and gourmet cafes. Verona projects a similar vibe to Milan or Florence but is without the crowds and masses of tour groups.


Nestled in a hairpin of the Adige River, Verona is often called the real city of love, being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

How to get to Verona

Verona is well connected to other main cities in Italy, with direct Flix buses running from Venice, Cinque Terre, Milan, Rome and many other main cities in Italy. The Porta Nuova railway station is also well connected to wider Italy.

To reach Verona from other countries, you’ll most likely need to change trains at a major station such as Milan or Rome depending on your origin.

Verona Villafranca Airport, also known as Valerio Catullo Airport or Villafranca Airport, is located 10 km southwest of the city, and the Aerobus connects the airport to the train station every 20 minutes between 6am and 11pm for €6.

See Go Euro for more schedule information and to plan your journey.

How to get around

Verona is easily walkable, and the local bus service runs frequently throughout the town – simply hail the driver from the bus stop and purchase a ticket on board. Google Maps offers accurate schedule information to plan your trip.
















Where to stay in Verona

There are a number of hostels available in Verona, averaging €25 – €30 per night.

Residenza Muropadri offers a home-style accommodation in an apartment in a residential area of town, still within walking distance to all the main sights. This hostel has breakfast included and great amenities but with only 3 rooms available to book it does lack the social atmosphere. Perfect to take a break though if you’re wanting some space!


€51 per day
– Hostel: €30 per night
– Free Breakfast at Hostel
– Mixed Plate from Bar GMG: €8
– Fruit Cup from Markets: €5
– Focaccia: €8


How long to spend here

1 – 2 days is sufficient to explore these gorgeous cobblestone streets.

What to do in Verona

So how do you soak in as much of Verona's beauty and culture? Walk!


See the DIY walking tour below which will take you by the following sights:

  1. Adige River & Ponte Pietra Bridge

  2. Mini Colosseum

  3. Verona Arena & City Hall

  4. Romeo’s House

  5. Main Square & Clock Tower

  6. Shopping District

  7. Juliet’s Balcony

























Where to eat

Located in the main square of Piazza delle Erbe under the Lorre dei Lamberti clock tower, are local markets, open every day except Sunday (when it is the antique and flea markets!). Here, you can purchase general souvenirs as well as sandwiches, baked sweets and juicy fresh fruit -which can be an appealing change from pizza and pasta!

Focacceria Ponte Pietra
This cute little shop front near the Ponte Pietra bridge sells cheap but delicious pizza slices and focaccias.


Bar GMG also offers a refreshing variation on the usual Italian cuisine – with a range of dishes baked throughout the day and displayed in the front glass counter, you can mix and match a plate of various goods, from quiches, roast vegetables, salads and pasta.


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